Emergency services are responding to an incident on the Chain Bar roundabout this afternoon.

The incident took place on Bradford Road around 3.13pm, leaving a car on its roof near junction 26 on the M62.

A man has been taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary for treatment.

All lanes have been reopened and traffic is moving, the AA said,

Speaking earlier today, eye witnesses described the accident as "horrific" and "very bad", suggesting that motorists should avoid the route if possible.

One driver said: "Horrific accident. Traffic is backing up. No one leaving room for free flow to work. Avoid if possible. Police now on scene."

Another motorist said: "Very bad. Car's on its roof with no front end left - hope everyone inside is okay. It's across three lanes so no doubt the next two hours will be very, very busy whilst they clean it up."

Some drivers commented on the number of incidents on this stretch of road in recent months.

"Getting worse by day," one said.

Another motorist said: "Not another, this is getting ridiculous."