For the uninitiated, Hunted is a show where ordinary people turn fugitive and go on the run in the hope of winning a share in the £100,000 prize pot.

To take a cut of the cash, the contestants must evade capture from the Hunters, an elite team of investigators, for 23 days.

Leading the investigation is Assistant Chief Constable of Cleveland Police, Lisa Theaker, who oversees the handpicked team of top police and military personnel, armed with the powers of the state.

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Hunted tactics

For those who have watched previous series of the show, you can’t help but pick up a few fugitive tips and tricks along the way.

For example, the detectives will go through your home and electronic devices - worth remembering when you are planning your getaway.

Contestants can be tracked via CCTV, the ANPR cameras on the road and through cash points, so best avoid these triggers as much as possible.

And, of course, they have a list of friends and family you might turn to for help so definitely don’t get in contact with loved ones.

Fans of the show would perhaps view these as the basics to staying on the run, which is why viewers have been more than a little annoyed by the sloppy antics of some of the contestants, including Meurig and Elinor, caught after making a beeline for Meurig's sister's house.

With more than a hint of sarcasm, Mark Powlett said:

Ollie Long agreed heading to family was probably a bad move...

And Tina had no sympathy whatsoever for the couple getting caught on day two.

:: Hunted is next on TV on Sunday May 29 at 9pm. You can watch live on Channel 4 or catch up using the All 4 service.