Channel 4 reality show Hunted continues this evening, tracking eleven ordinary people, including James and Nathan from West Yorkshire.

The contestants hope to outrun an elite team of investigators over 23 days, to win a share of £100,000.

Today's episode began with the second half of couple Meurig and Elinor getting captured - Elinor was caught in yesterday's episode and hopes of Meurig making his getaway were dashed when the tonight's show opened with a nothing more than a brief chase.

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Hunted 2022: James and Nathan narrow escape

Nathan and James, from Castleford, met at a New Year’s Eve party in 2013 and a year later, they became housemates and are now the best of friends.

They share a love of skiing, Escape Rooms and golf and the pair have had many adventures travelling all over the world together to far flung places including South Korea, Mexico, Japan, Bali, America and Singapore.

They are also both profoundly deaf - James was diagnosed deaf shortly after birth and Nathan lost his hearing aged two after contracting meningitis – but both have complimentary communication skills as James can lip read extremely well while Nathan can speak well.

Despite the pair being confident they have what it takes to make it to the end they came pretty close to capture when an order for fish and chips, including a Dr Pepper, gave the game away and almost saw them captured.

Before entering the competition, Nathan said: “I don’t want to sound like I'm cocky, but I'm confident we will get through more than two weeks. I'm fairly confident to get to day 23.”

After leaving clues for the Hunters leading them to being tracked to one friend's address, perhaps the confidence is misplaced.

However, fans have taken to Twitter to show their support, like this post from Neil Roberts.

And this one from Omolade Badmus...

However far the boys do get in the competition, it seems the nation will be cheering them on every step of the way.