This year’s Hunted is underway after the eleven fugitives were dumped on the Isle of Wight with one desire – to evade capture.

As the hunters circle the fugitives, they must work out how to get off the island without being caught.

Of the eleven ordinary people from all over the UK to have turned fugitive for a chance to win a share of £100,000, it's a West Yorkshire pairing to have caught the nation's attention.

Postman James and graphic designer Nathan from Castleford became best friends since meeting at a New Year’s Eve party in 2013, moving in together a year later.

They are both profoundly deaf – James was diagnosed deaf shortly after birth and Nathan lost his hearing aged two after contracting meningitis.

As a deaf person, James says that they face communication barriers every day and the housemates want to prove by going on the run that deaf people can succeed facing adversity. They have some dastardly plans to outwit the hunters which involve using their extensive deaf network and a big dose of cheek.

Viewers seem to be fully behind the duo. Lorraine Saunders said: “Good to have #Hunted back, I already know who I want to make it, the two deaf guys!!!”

Alison Jones shared the sentiment saying: “Well I'm already rooting for the two guys who are deaf.

“Talk about adding something else to worry about. Not being able to hear the Hunter's coming sounds really scary.

“Go go go boys!”

And when the boys struggled to find help at the start – Twitter was not happy about it.

Someone calling themselves @Kainaat_RM said: “These people ignoring Nathan and Jamie are so rude omd where’s the kindness just give them a lift #Hunted.”

What time is hunted on tonight?

Hunted returned to screens on Sunday May 22 at 9pm

You can watch live on Channel 4 or catch up using the All 4 service.