A cat rescue in Bradford has warned the public about the dark reality of breeding kittens for cash.

Bradford Cat Watch Rescue was called out to help little Pancake by a backyard breeder in the BD5 area.

The term is used to describe people who place profit over animal welfare, often leaving cats or dogs in their care without proper vetinary care.

The rescue found Pancake in a state of distress after she reportedly became trapped in a patio door.

Pancake was around eight weeks old, but she had the weight and development of a three week old kitten.

The breeder turned to the PDSA for emergency advice but declined to pay for Pancake's treatment. 

Two weeks later, the backyard breeder sought help from Bradford Cat Watch Rescue as the poorly kitten could relieve herself without help. 

The rescue booked Pancake into the vets for an X-ray and discovered a mysterious foreign body in her stomach.

Founder Katie Lloyd said: "She was too tiny and fragile to remove it on Monday and we planned to remove it when she was a little stronger.

"We felt Pancake had declined and needed this further investigating.

"We were shocked that a feeding tube was found inside her. This has ruptured her stomach and liver causing internal bleeding.

"We contacted the breeder to ask if she had ever used a feeding tube. She replied, 'Yes a few times because she wasn't eating but on the last time she wouldn't keep still so left her'. 

"The direct action of the breeder using the feeding tube - unqualified to do so - has killed beautiful Pancake."

She added: "I am so very, very upset and angry.

"Backstreet breeders doing their thing, raking the money in whilst rescues pay the vet and emotionally break down.

"Another needless death as a result of a backstreet breeder's actions."

The rescue has passed information about the breeder to the relevant authorities.

Speaking to the T&A about the hidden impact of kitten breeding, the former paediatric nurse urged people to adopt, not shop.

Katie said: "If you are looking for a new pet always contact a rescue rather than an online ad.

"Many online advertisers are backstreet breeders who have no regards for the animals welfare and only for the money that ends in their greedy pockets."