A MORRISONS warehouse line manager was labelled "disgusting" after he stored videos of children being sexually abused - including a one-year-old who was crying at the time.

Ayaz Ahmed, of Newburn Road in Little Horton, admitted to three charges of making indecent photography and a charge of possessing extreme pornography in relation to an adult woman having sex with a donkey.

The images and videos, some that were seven minutes long, concerned children between the ages of one and nine and were stored on a mobile security platform which required a pin.

Judge Rose said: "The public thinks you should go to prison and suffer because you are disgusting. A man who gets pleasure from young children being sexually abused should be punished."

Ahmed was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, which was suspended for 24 months, at Bradford Crown Court yesterday.

Nicola Hoskins, prosecuting, told the court that in May 2020, police intelligence discovered an IP address linked to Ahmed and used a warrant on his property on November 2 of that year.

Ahmed, who submitted a guilty plea on March 4, 2022, was arrested and his laptop and mobile were seized with the images found on the latter.

On the phone, there were 38 Category A indecent images of children (13 still and 25 moving), 19 Category B (16 still and three moving), and six Category C (four still and two moving).

Fen Greatley-Hirsch, defending, said: "Mr Ahmed made some very stupid decisions. Since the discovery, this young man has made considerable progress. Impose a suspended sentence on Mr Ahmed."

Judge Rose shouted in reply: "For looking at images of a one-year-old child being sexually abused?"

After initially denying, that he had a sexual interest in children, Ahmed finally admitted this vile fact once at the plea preperation stage.

Mr Greatley-Hirsch highlighted that Ahmed, who had no previous convictions, had interest he hasn't acted on since detection and said he is fully prepared for support.

The defence lawyer added that Ahmed's personal life is now different as he lives with his sisters after coming to this country alone without the language to communicate.

Since detection, Ahmed got a job in a Morrisons warehouse, working 40 hours a week and overtime, which earned him a promotion to line manager.

Judge Rose explained that due to law guidelines the most Ahmed would serve in prison is six months - with no help to deter his paedophile tendencies.

"My view is that helping you will protect children," said His Honour

He added: "Let me help you understand children don't want to have sex with grown-ups.

"Children don't want to be filmed with their private parts exposed. You are responsible for the suffering of these children."

Ahmed was given a sex offenders prevention order of 10 years, must pay a £156 victim surcharge, and will be on the sex offenders register for 10 years.

He must also complete 200 hours of unpaid work and 50 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement days.

Judge Rose ended by reiterating: "You must complete every second of that time or you're going to prison."