PLANS to turn a social club into Baildon’s new library have been approved – meaning the former library site will soon go on the market.

Proposals to move the library from its current location in Ian Clough Hall to the neighbouring Baildon Club, on Northgate, were first revealed last year.

The hall would then be closed, and the site, which includes a section of car park sold by the Council.

An application to convert the vacant club into a library has this week been approved.

A second application that would see Baildon’s former Martin’s Newsagent become a temporary library while conversion takes place has also been approved.

Last year the Council said Ian Clough Hall "no longer meets current standards and needs to be permanently closed."

The new library will also have office space for Baildon Town Council, currently based in Ian Clough Hall.

A Council spokesman said: “Work is expected to start in July and with the new permanent library opening early in 2023.

“We can now advance plans to market the existing site.

“We are excited by the opportunity to redevelop such a key town centre site which will enable the ongoing regeneration of Baildon.”

A Baildon Town Council spokesperson added: “Baildon Club has provided a golden opportunity to develop a community facility, including a first class library, which will serve Baildon for decades to come.

“We are pleased to be working in close partnership with Bradford Council on this exciting project, and also the process of redevelopment of the vacated site.

“We hope and expect consultation in Baildon on any proposals which come forward for the Ian Clough site.

“We considers that a high quality design is essential in this prime location."

Baildon Councillors on Bradford Council also welcomed the news.

Councillor Debbie Davies (Cons) said: “I trust that work to the Baildon Club can be completed swiftly as the temporary location is small and it will be impossible to provide a full library service in that location.

“I would also like to see a sympathetic development of the Ian Clough site to be a priority and if this is housing then for the Baildon green belt sites currently in the Draft Local Plan to be removed."

Councillor Mike Pollard (Cons) said in light of growing financial uncertainties, in terms of both inflation and interest rates, he “would like to see processes expedited and the site marketed as soon as possible.”