If there is one thing Aldi is known for it's its love for a good dupe of some of the best-selling products on the market. 

From its recent perfume, Lacura Lady Pour Femme was a perfect dupe of the Carolina Herrera Good Girl.

But now it has introduced the Lacura Vanilla Honey Golden Bath Nectar (£5.99) as an affordable version of the much loved high-end inspiration from Laura Mercier with the Ambre Vanille Honey Bath (£33). 

The viral product is loved and praised by fans of the bargain supermarket and even better you can get it now. 

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Lacura Vanilla Honey Golden Bath Nectar (Emilia Kettle)Lacura Vanilla Honey Golden Bath Nectar (Emilia Kettle)

But before you go out and grab it off the shelves, see what we thought and if it's really worth a buy. 

What I thought of the Lacura Vanilla Honey Golden Bath Nectar

First things first, the packing of the Bath Nectar is well thought out, with a simple fully recyclable white box that features a silver metallic hint and keeping in line with the bee theme, even has a little bee illustration on the box too. 

The nectar itself comes in a strong plastic clear pot that lets you see the golden honey in all its royal glory. 

And even better it comes with a little wooden honey dipper to keep with the theme and to give it an extra special touch. 

On to the product itself, the bath nectar is sweet and luxurious and easy to use. 

All you have to do is have the bath running, swirl the honey dipper in the nectar and hold it under the running water. 

Then wait and get ready to enjoy the honey bath nectar in all its affordable glory. 

With the nectar being honey-based you might worry that it that will be really sweet and overpowering. 

But no need to worry as it's just the right amount of sweetness and the honey is perfectly balanced out with the added vanilla. 

The nectar leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and will make you feel calm and relaxed in complete serenity. 

So if you feel like you deserve a special little treat and want to feel like royalty, then I would say it's well worth a buy. 

At only £5.99 this cult hit is not to be missed and lives up to it's self-proclaimed claims of being the perfect dupe to the designer's inspiration. 

Try it out for yourself now and get it from Aldi. 

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