BRADFORD Cat Watch Rescue is seeking a home for two cats born with a condition that affects co-ordination and mobility.

Brother and sister Freddie and Dusty are nearly three-years-old and were originally re-homed as kittens by the cat rescue, but now they are back.

“The adoption placement broke down during the pandemic. We are desperate to find a new home for them. They dote on each other. They’re currently being looked after in a foster home," said Katie Lloyd, 

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Freddie settling in to his foster home Freddie settling in to his foster home

a former paediatric nurse, founded Bradford Cat Watch Rescue, which takes in homeless, unwanted, sick and injured cats; providing medical care and re-homing. Based at Katie’s home, off Bolton Road, the centre has been specially adapted and now has an intensive care ward. It relies on donations and volunteers to keep going.

Dusty and Freddie were born with feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which affects the part of the brain that controls fine motor skills and co-ordination. It’s a non-progressive, non-contagious neurological condition that causes walking and balance problems.

“Cats who have CH are known endearingly as ‘wobbly cats’,” says Katie. “It’s a condition that develops in the womb, usually caused by an infection when the mother is pregnant.

“One of the great things about CH cats is they don’t seem to know they’re any different from other cats. Depending on the severity of their CH, their abilities may be limited, and they learn to do things differently. Some CH cats don’t have the co-ordination to jump - so instead they become great climbers. Dusty and Freddie are great climbers.

“They don’t have severe CH; Freddie’s is very mild and Dusty’s is more noticeable. They’re loving and affectionate and would soon settle into a new home. It’s vital that they have a home with a secure garden, or somewhere they can be house cats. They would be best re-homed without other cats and dogs.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Freddie takes a breather Freddie takes a breather

“Here’s what their volunteer fosterers say about them: ‘Dusty and Freddie are really charming siblings, full of character and fun.

Freddie is the leader and Dusty is happy to follow. He’s confident and friendly, she’s a bit more timid but very affectionate.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Dusty often follows Freddie's lead Dusty often follows Freddie's lead

Dusty’s less co-ordinated but they both surprise you every day with how adaptable they are. They can get on high furniture and windowsills with a bit of trial and error. They use their litter trays and share feeding bowls. They have a lot of energy but are great at entertaining themselves with toys, tents and bags.”

Last year the T&A reported that Bradford Cat Watch Rescue saved the life of a cat left paralysed in a road accident in Dubai.

Left for dead at a roadside, with a broken spine, Manisha was found by someone who contacted the charity on social media. and Katie arranged to have the young cat flown over. Manisha has had several operations and is paralysed in her back legs but doing well and enjoying her new life at the rescue centre.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Can you give Dusty and Freddie a good home?Can you give Dusty and Freddie a good home?

* To enquire about adopting Dusty and Freddie go to or email

Says Katie: “Adoption is £120 for the pair, which includes neutering, full vaccinations, up to date with flea and worm control, a veterinary health check, five weeks free insurance and microchipping.”