A COUNCILLOR has recalled how a Bradford family felt when a car came hurtling into their living room while they were in the room.

Two females, whose ages have not been confirmed, were taken to hospital following the incident at a property on Heights Lane, near the junction with Haworth Road, on Friday evening.

Police have said the injuries to the two individuals, thought to have been in the vehicle, are not life-threatening.

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Heaton Ward councillor Mohammed Amran visited the scene at the time of the crash and described the "scary" scenes.

He also commented on the impact it had on the community as people did not know the extent of the damage caused at the time.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Cllr Mohammad Amran has spoken to the family affected.Cllr Mohammad Amran has spoken to the family affected.

Cllr Amran said: "I was at the scene on Friday night talking to the landlord and the tenants, it was quite scary.

"There were a couple of kids in the house. My thoughts and prayers are with the family that they have survived.

"A couple of them were in the living room where the car hit and the rest were upstairs or in the kitchen.

"Even the people in the car are lucky to be alive because it was quite bad."

He added: "There were a lot of people in panic and they were upset. At that point, you didn't know how serious the injuries would be. It was quite nasty to be around.

"The family went back into the house on Saturday morning but it was a frightening experience for them."

This came after firefighters assessed the stability of the property before police organised the removal of the silver vehicle on the night.

The incident has raised concerns about the safety of Haworth Road with this being the third road incident there this year.

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Cllr Amran said: "We have a lot of people saying there needs to be more speed cameras and measures on Haworth Road.

"I will ask council officers to look at more things but I don't know what we can and can't do.

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"We bided for Average Speed Cameras (ASC) on there but we didn't get it. I think we need to reapply.

"There needs to be speed cameras from the bottom of Haworth Road to the other side of Sandy Lane. It is on a stretch of road that needs monitoring seriously."

Fellow Heaton Councillor Ibrar Hussain, who only lives around the corner from the damaged house, says the community feel fortunate that the result of the incident did not turn out worse.

He added: "I have had a few calls from residents and been speaking to some of the neighbours.

"It is shocking. People are really concerned and have many questions, they want to know how this has happened.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Councillor Ibrar Hussain lives nearby to where the incident occurred.Councillor Ibrar Hussain lives nearby to where the incident occurred.

"All I have been saying to people is that the police are looking at it.

"We need to ensure nothing like this happens again in the area because there have been a few incidents in the past where we have had devastating results.

"We are just lucky that nobody in the house was injured and both the driver and the passenger escaped with minor injuries on this occasion.

"There is a Co-op just up the road and there are families and children walking around so it could have been far far worse."

Cllr Hussain added: "There are some speed cameras in place at the bottom just before the mini roundabout, near the petrol station, but clearly something more needs to be done.

"That is why we are instigating conversations with the police so we can work together and get something done, so this is not repeated."