LATEST NEWS: Flights out of Leeds-Bradford Airport delayed this morning with one over an hour late

LEEDS Bradford Airport (LBA) has urged anyone looking for work to consider the job opportunities it has available.

It comes amid chaos and “snaking queues” which have left passengers angry and frustrated.

The airport confirmed people can expect to face longer queuing times through security during peak travel times – between 4am and 8am and 1pm and 4pm.

Earlier this week, Deborah Murphy, who lives in Dublin but regularly travels to Leeds to see her mum, was supposed to board the 6.40am Ryanair Flight from LBA to Dublin on Monday morning.

But, despite claiming she had adhered to guidelines, arrived at the airport on time, and even paid for fast-track security, she missed the flight after she was hit with huge queues at the security gates.

A spokesperson said the airport is working hard to overcome the issues with “ongoing recruitment and training activities and more staff being released to the operation from training each week”.

They added: “We have additional opportunities across the operation and encourage anyone looking for work to apply via our website –

“Some airlines are actively managing queues to pull people to the front as their flights near departure. Each airline has its own policy and process in this regard.

“Unfortunately, these current challenges are an industry wide problem, caused by the speed of withdrawal of travel restrictions and testing which has led to the rapid recovery of international travel.

“Airports across the country are being impacted by lead times to recruit and train additional staff.”

“We would like to apologise to passengers impacted by queues at LBA.

“We’re working hard to overcome these challenges, that are impacting airports across the country, through recruitment and training initiatives, while managing queues safely.”

LBA added that it’s “confident” that with additional staff being recruited, the situation will return to more normal queuing.

Passengers who miss their flight are advised to contact their airline for advice.

Advice if you are travelling

To streamline journeys and minimise the risk of issues in security, LBA says:

  • Arrive early - we recommend those travelling from LBA to arrive 3 hours prior to departure
  • Prepare your carry-on baggage – remove all large electronic devices, carry liquids and gels less than 100ml in a 1 litre zip lock bag, do not carry liquids over 100ml or other prohibited items in carry-on baggage
  • Empty your pockets - remove all items from pockets, remove any jackets or coats and remove any boots or high heeled shoes and put them and pocket contents through the xray units