AN 18-year-old barber has been cutting hair in Bradford’s City Park to raise money for charity

Mujjy Razaque from Undercliffe wanted to do something for his community during Ramadan, so started giving out haircuts to people in need at Bradford's City Park, in return for a charitable donation. 

He said: “I wanted to help people that are struggling to feed themselves mainly, so they could pay whatever they wanted for a haircut, and we donated it all to charity. People walking past saw what we were doing too so gave us some money too. "

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Mujjy Razaque cutting hair in City ParkMujjy Razaque cutting hair in City Park

In total Mujjy said he raised around £150 which was donated to Bradford's Deaf Children's Society, but he wants to do another similar event in the coming weeks with more advertising to make people more aware.

"There are a lot of people that I’ve seen homeless and without haircuts when I used to work in town, and I’ve seen a lot of people struggling.

"Having your haircut is a life-changing experience for some people. Having your haircut and having a conversation changes the way a person is, it makes you feel a lot better, I find anyway.”

Mujjy said that he has been in the barbering industry since he was 15 and has recently opened his own barber’s shop called City of Fades with his friend on Leeds Road.

He said: “I wasn’t too keen on education, I still got my GCSEs but then I started working at my local barber's shop when I finished school.

"I was just watching and working with their team in there, and then I started  picking up work experience and gradually building up from there and practising and it just went from there.”

Going forwards, Mujjy said he wants to influence a younger audience to also use their barbering skills to help out charities, as well as aiming to open multiple shops of his own.

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He added: “My goal for the future is to take barbering to the next level. I want to use my skills as a way of communicating with communities and influencing people to do what they want and achieve what they want, the same was as I did when I set out to become a barber aged 15.”

He said he will be doing another charity event again in the coming weeks because it went so well.