A BRADFORD gym has expanded after people came back “in droves” following the Covid lockdowns.

The Pride Gym, on Abb Scott Lane in Low Moor, has invested “almost every penny” to make the changes.

It comes after ups and downs of the past two years, where gyms were often in limbo due to ever-changing Covid restrictions.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The Pride gym is in Low Moor and has expanded due to post-Covid demandThe Pride gym is in Low Moor and has expanded due to post-Covid demand

Owner Terry Holt said the gym found a lot of people were struggling with motivation, weight gain and their mental health coming out of the pandemic.

This led to the creation of a short-term coaching programme called ‘Project You’.

He said: “This proved incredibly popular and drove demand for small and large group personal training to really achieve their goals.

“In conjunction with this, the question around the demand for gyms with the rise of online and home training proved to be a myth as people came back in droves, because you can’t recreate the motivating atmosphere, social dynamic, and quality of equipment that our family-run independent gym provides.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The new expanded space at the gymThe new expanded space at the gym

Space was a factor, but the opportunity for expansion rose and within ten weeks the gym went from 7,500 sq ft to 11,500 sq ft.

Terry said: “This created a brand-new cardio training area, spin studio for 20 bikes and a huge strength and conditioning space.  

“We now have a relaxation area and created more room for weightlifting equipment.

“The result of this is an amazing space for larger classes, a huge range of training for members and more state-of-the-art brand-new equipment.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The gym boasts state-of-the-art equipment The gym boasts state-of-the-art equipment

He said they’ve had to invest almost every penny and take risks with borrowing, but they’re confident they can succeed, with new members welcome to join.

“We’re also establishing partnerships with local teams including Bradford Bulls Ladies and Bradford Park Avenue’s Performance Centre,” said Terry.

“This will see their teams use our strength and conditioning space to improve team performance and fitness.

“We believe there’s no other facility to the standard we have for this and will be looking for more partnerships going forward.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Equipment at the gymEquipment at the gym

Through its expansion, the gym now employs 10 people from the area in a variety of roles.

It’s also providing corporate wellness for businesses in the area though a combination of subsidised memberships, online training, plus onsite or gym group sessions.

Terry said: “This we believe is a key factor in the modern world for businesses to actively care for their employees and in return benefit from increased productivity and reduced sickness.”