A NUMBER of burglaries and thefts have been reported in the Bradford and Keighley areas over the last few days.

A motorbike was stolen during a break-in during the early hours of the morning yesterday at a garden shed on Carr Bottom Fold in Wibsey.

An unknown person (s) broke into a house on Shaftesbury Avenue, Shipley, through the cellar window yesterday.

Once inside they stole various items of property and made off unseen.

A house was also broken into yesterday on Highfield Street, Keighley, when a thief broke the lock on the cellar door.

They make an untidy search of the cellar before going upstairs and stealing the occupant's handbag containing £5,000 in cash and three paint cans. 

Police also reported that someone managed to break into a church storeroom on Ferrand Lane, Bingley, last Friday.

Various items were stolen and the thief made off with the items unseen.