A PIECE of land behind a supermarket that was previously used to keep dogs and a pony could be transformed into a new outside dining area.

The application has been submitted to Bradford Council by Habib Rehman for land behind Young Street, which backs onto the Morrisons supermarket in Girlington.

The entrance to the new dining area would be through existing cottages on the street, creating a “Tardis” effect, according to the planning application.

The application says: “The design intent is to create a covered outside dining area that sits discretely within the site through the use of simple form traditional timber ‘pods’.

“The glazed roofing to the central area will create an outside feel, while protecting customers from the worst of the elements. Sensitive illumination will bring the outside space to life.

“The entry between existing cottages will lead through the passageway and create a ‘Tardis’ effect, opening up to a large area within. There will be small illuminated signs at the entrance.”

It adds: “The existing cottages (currently mostly empty) will be used to provide toilet facilities and also to provide amenities and accommodation for staff. The new development will provide an outside covered café.

“The proposal will include 20 free-standing ‘pods’ and eight central ‘rooms’. The ‘pods’ take smaller groups, and the ‘rooms’ have capacity for slightly larger groups.

“There is a single separate open grill kitchen. All the constructions will be freestanding and open to the outside air.

“Toilets will be provided within the ground floor of 13 Young Street. This is officially the loss of one residential property, however the property is currently fire damaged and empty, so in reality it is bringing back unused space.”

The application says the ‘pods’ will be positioned around the outside of the site, with an open walkway between them, while the eight linked ‘rooms’ will be situated around a central, open atrium.

“The proposals will provide good local café-style food and drink facilities to the employees in the employment zone and will also be available for customers from further afield,” says the proposal.

“The site has previously been used for keeping dogs and a pony but is currently unoccupied and largely hidden from view.

“There is no vehicular access to the site, therefore it is not suitable for use as parking or many industrial uses.”

A determination deadline for the application has been set for Friday, July 1.