A NOISY neighbour shoved a woman over causing extensive bruising when she called at his flat at 3am to complain about his persistent banging and shouting.

Thomas Hanson was in breach of a suspended sentence order when he assaulted his victim injuring her shoulder, Bradford Crown Court heard today.

She had helped him to secure the accommodation at the bedsits in Langdale Street, Elland, but he had then begun shouting at her boyfriend, threatening him and being rude to her.

He would bang on the floor of his bedsit, jump up and down and shout profanities, Mr Jackson said.

When the woman went at 3am to ask him to calm down, he pushed her causing her to fall against a dresser in the hallway.

Her shoulder was extensively bruised and very painful, leaving her with increased de-pression and anxiety.

Hanson, 53, who has 24 previous convictions for 53 offences, was sentenced on a video link to HMP Leeds for the battery on January 12 last year.

Prosecutor Tom Jackson said he was convicted of the offence by magistrates in his ab-sence after failing to attend for his trial and then arrested on a warrant.

The suspended sentence order Hanson had breached was imposed by Bradford and Keighley magistrates on October 11, 2019, for burglary and criminal damage.

The court heard that he had no previous convictions for violence but his criminal record included a long list of court order breaches and offences of failing to surrender.

His barrister, Ken Green, said his client had many health problems including possible early stage dementia and limited mobility.

He had been in custody since March and the suspended sentence order had now ex-pired.

The court heard that he was being moved to new accommodation so there would be no repetition of the offending.

Judge Colin Burn said Hanson had delivered ‘a forceful push’ while he was subject to a suspended sentence order for burglary.

He activated eight weeks of the order, with four weeks to run consecutively for the bat-tery, making three months imprisonment.

But Hanson had been in custody for long enough to be released from prison today, Judge Burn said.

He made a 12-month restraining order banning him from approaching his victim, communicating with her or going near to her address.