One of life's greatest joys post-lockdown is live music - culture has made a comeback.

The way singers interact with the crowds, the dynamic of bands on stage as guitarists lunge towards their fans or the crowd surf chaos - these things make music come alive. 

But you don't have to wait for Bradford Live or take a train into Leeds for quality tunes and a boogie. 

You could simply stroll along Bradford's historic cobbles to Tickles Music Hall on Westgate.

Tickles Music Hall originally opened in the 1980s but returned in early 2021. 

It just so happened I was in town on the night Reggae Winehouse took to the Tickles stage. 

Walking in, I wasn't quite sure what to expect as the crowds hadn't started to roll in just yet.

The bar staff welcomed us in with smiling faces and served up a delicious and affordable spiced rum and coke. 

With reggae beats added to Valerie, Tears Dry on Their Own and Just Friends, Reggae Winehouse brought tropical vibes to a somewhat rainy night. 

As the drinks were poured, more of us took to the dance floor and we were just millimetres away from the stage.

The lighting was bright and Summery and the sound quality was on a level you'd expect from Yorkshire's most popular live music venues. 

Tickles is used to attracting quality bands from the Midlands, like Reggae Winehouse, and the North East - putting the city at the heart of unique and under appreciated sounds. 

Many of us know this is nothing new. After all, Bradford is the home of the daytime rave, Northern Soul, Mela, bassline and more.

From rock n' roll, ska and soul to reggae and festival sounds, events manager Ellen Boyle has access to a huge mix of musicians from across the country.

Bradford isn't used to shouting up about its own nightlife, but here's its secret: Bradford offers something other cities can't, and that's soul. 

There is no denying that the energy in that music hall was nothing short of alive.

Strangers were grooving and smiling together as Reggae Winehouse played their sunny sensational sounds. 

We could have been anywhere underneath the sparkling lights and peachy glow. 

There's nothing quite as uplifting as music, there's nowhere that has the soul of Bradford. It was the ultimate feel good potion. 

Tickles Music Hall was once a place everyone knew, now it's a hidden gem.

The city streets are everchanging and while it's easy to hold onto the past, it's even more exciting to see where Bradford is headed. 

You just need to know where to look.