Bradford MasterChef contestant Radha has made it into the final three of the iconic TV cooking competition.

Radha Kaushal-Bolland, a 23-year-old law graduate, has stormed through the challenges set by tough judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace and added her flexitarian flair to some of the world's most popular dishes.

“The experience has been amazing and intense,” Radha said.

“It has completely taken over my life. The final four sounds amazing but obviously final three sounds even better.”

Starring in Wednesday’s episode, the finalists were asked to prepare their interpretation of a classic dish that will showcase their growing cooking talent.

Radha crafted a deconstructed black forest gateaux – made with a chocolate brownie with chocolate soil, marscapone cream, cherry gel, a cherry yoghurt ice cream, popping candy chocolate shards, cherries soaked in cherry liqueur and a cherry and whisky cocktail.

Giving his verdict, John said: “I think at this point in the competition with ice cream it needs to look like it’s being served in a restaurant, rather than being served at home.

“Little bits of detail will always make the difference.”

He added: “I’m sad the ice cream doesn’t have a lovely sheen across the top of it because it tastes great. The real flavour of cherries running all the way through it and it’s really creamy, and I like that a lot.

“Your chocolate brownie is good. It’s soft and fudgy in the centre. I think that’s great, but that needs more cherry jam, it needs more cream because that chocolate soil dries your mouth out really quickly. I love your flavours though.”

Despite Radha’s fears that she would be the one going home, the TV judges said goodbye to chef Sarah.

But it wasn’t over just yet, as the trio faced their toughest and most daunting challenge of the competition so far: the Chef’s Table.

Hosted at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London, by Gordon Ramsay himself, the final three had to deliver food of an exceptional standard and impress some of the best chefs in the country.

Their dinner party was made up of Gordon Ramsay’s original brigade – including Clare Smyth and Paul Ainsworth, as well as his old mentor, former three-star Michelin legend Pierre Koffman.

Radha made several pastry tarts in the challenge.

“Those last three were beautiful,” Gordon said, as the dishes were sent out to their tables.

He later added: “The three chefs in here today have got potential. There’s no two ways about that.”

The next and final episode of MasterChef will air on May 5 via BBC One at 8pm.