A PAIR of children’s TV favourites will be taking to the stage in Bradford to mark a milestone.

Dick and Dom, stars of the BBC’s In Da Bungalow will celebrate 20 years since the show first hit our TV screens with a UK tour.

The tour will stop at Bradford’s St George’s Hall on Friday, October 7, is set to excite Bungalow Heads young and old who spent every Saturday morning glued to the TV set watching the show.

It will include the show’s favourite games including two-word tango, musical splatues, the grunty song, fairly hairy fizzogs, pants dance, what a sweaty flap and of course bogies.

For the show’s finale, fans can expect to watch participants being splattered in their legendary Creamy Muck Muck game.

Go myticket.co.uk/artists/dick-and-dom-in-da-bungalow-live for information on tickets.