A cat rescue has saved a group of sickly stray kittens following a desperate call for help from a member of the public.

The kittens had been living in an abandoned car on a scrapyard since birth. 

The litter had very sticky eyes which meant they couldn't open their eyes properly while they were also extremely malnourished and nervous.

Yorkshire Cat Rescue, which lead the trapping operation, has since brought the strays to a safe, warm place and got them urgent vetinary care.

All of the kittens will now need extremely complicated eye surgery, the rescue said.

It comes after several warnings from Bradford's cat rescues about the horrific impact of failing to neuter cats. 

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"We knew we had to step in and help," a spokesperson said. 

"The kittens had been living there since birth and they did not look in good condition.

"We ended up having to trap them all and, after a lot of clambering around amongst all sorts, we managed to get the kittens into carriers and back into our care.

"We noticed that all the kittens had very sticky eyes that they couldn't open properly, were extremely malnourished and very scared and nervous.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Photo via Yorkshire Cat Rescue shows the kittens found on a Bradford scrapyard.Photo via Yorkshire Cat Rescue shows the kittens found on a Bradford scrapyard.

"They had not had any human interaction before and were in desperate need of some love and care."

The kittens were diagnosed with upper eyelid agenesis, a congenital defect that means that their eyelids are underdeveloped.

Not only does it affect their ability to open their eyes, their eyes can get uncomfortably dry when eyelashes become misdirected and rub on their eyes.

One of the kittens, named Ginetta, has undergone a procedure where the skin was cut around her eyes to relieve the pressure.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Kittens scrabble together for a cuddle. Photos via Yorkshire Cat Rescue.Kittens scrabble together for a cuddle. Photos via Yorkshire Cat Rescue.

Other cats will regularly receive numerous types of medication for the ailment.

Another of the kittens, named Maserati, has some dental issues as his teeth are growing at an angle that may cause him pain.

Poor kitten Bentley has a developmental issue in his left forelimb, deformed from his elbow downwards.

Bentley may need his limb amputated if it causes him pain or discomfort in the future.

Yorkshire Cat Rescue said: "All of these issues are likely down to inbreeding but we are determined to do our best for these kittens and give them what they need so they can have a good quality of life.

"So far the vet bills for these kittens is extremely high and we need your help to pay for them."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

A fundraiser has been set up by the rescue to raise funds towards the vet costs. 

The rescue added: "Please donate towards their vet costs if you can, and if you can afford it, please set up a monthly donation so that we will have the funds to care for other kittens like them."

Pink Paws Cat Rescue were called out to find and neuter the kittens' mum and dad and have since taken on the care of one kitten.

You can donate to Yorkshire Cat Rescue's fundraiser via the charity's website here.