A BRADFORD man has hit out at Yorkshire Water over a delayed response to repairing a blocked sewage pipe near his house. 

Darren Burnside, of Highfield Terrace, Cullingworth, said a blocked sewage pipe has resulted in sewage seeping up through a drain in his back garden and caused sewage to run into his and neighbouring gardens.

Mr Burnside rang Yorkshire Water on Thursday, April 21, and claimed he was told they would be out within 24 hours to repair the problem. He still had not heard back after contacting the T&A earlier this week.

"I told them I was not happy," he said. "It's absolutely disgusting and draining down into other gardens.

"I'm also concerned it could be polluting the water table."

Yorkshire Water said they usually deal with such requests in a timely manner and a spokesperson said they rectified the problem on Monday.

A Yorkshire Water spokesperson said: “We understand sewage escapes into gardens are distressing for our customers.

“Our teams investigated this incident and were able to quickly remove an obstruction and return the sewer to its normal function, as well as ensuring there were no underlying issues with the sewer network.”