"I'm so offended by this change" and "Aldi you have seriously let us down" are just some of the comments underneath a viral review of Aldi's baby wipes which has now been read by more than one million people online. 

Dad blogger Man Behaving Dadly said he had stuck by Aldi 'throughout the whole caterpillar cake thing' but says the supermarket chain has let many parents down with changes to the quality of Mamia baby wipes. 

Many shoppers had complained after the wipes had been reduced from 64 in a pack to 60. 

But the latest review that has got mums and dads commenting in their thousands says the real issue is getting the wipes out of the packet comparing it to a clown's handkerchief. 

The Facebook post adds: "Oh Aldi. I had your back throughout the whole caterpillar cake thing, as did so many parents up and down the land.

"How do you repay us for this support? By reducing the quality of your Mamia wipes to the extent where I am just about ready to cleanse my baby’s bottom using my wife’s favourite blouse because it will genuinely lead to less aggravation in my life."

Dad Simon Harris, who runs the Man Behaving Dadly blog, adds the wipes are so thin that he worries his 'index finger will breach the void and wear the wipe like some kind of modest Victorian dress' before moving on to the complaint that has got many Facebook users fuming. 

He added: "With one hand simultaneously controlling all four limbs to ensure that his fecal matter doesn’t end up giving him an all over TOWIE pre-Marbs special, or even worse allowing him to do something that you can usually only find on specialist German VHS tapes from the 1980s, I have just one hand remaining.

"With the new wipes, it’s like a clown’s handkerchief. I just want one. Not eleven, just one.

"Kindly reconsider your product specification with a view to returning to the trusted 64-wipe format. I have half a pack of the old ones left in the car, and I’m convinced that I could get fifty quid for them down the car boot this weekend to a fellow distressed parent with cash on the hip."

Nearly 10,000 people have commented on the post sharing their own frustrations and calling for Aldi to bring the old wipes back.

One mum added: "I don't care about the size reduction, it's trying to get them out of the packet in the first place. Anyone who is changing a nappy really doesn't have time to take things gently!"

While others suggested cloth wipes were an easier alternative and also better for the planet.

For those that are struggling, many parents also shared the hack to wrap a hair elastic around one end of the packet to help the wipes comes out one by one. 

Aldi has replied to a number of customers on Twitter who have complained about the changes explaining they have removed the plastic fibres and replaced them with fibres that are 100% plant derived and sustainable.

The tweet adds: "We are sorry to hear that you feel disappointed with our baby wipes and we will take on board customer’s feedback."