A COMMUNITY initiative is being launched to bring reading to families’ doorsteps in Bradford

This week, the Bradford Stories campaign from the National Literacy Trust will launch its Doorstep to Digital project, which will see over 1,000 Bradford families receive five bespoke activity packs over the year to support literacy development.

Doorstep to Digital has been made possible thanks to a £100,000 donation from Barclays’ £100 million Covid-19 Community Aid Package, which aims to help communities hit hardest by the pandemic.

The programme was piloted in Bradford during the first lockdown, responding to the challenge families were facing when cut off from schools and libraries.

The 2022 project will see reading packs delivered to doorsteps via schools, house drops, community and partner organisations and by post, and they will feature content tailored to families' language needs, cultural background and interests.

Doorstep to Digital, which can help children develop strong literacy skills, is also designed to address the main reason parents do not engage with their children's learning, which is lack of confidence.

Jason Vit, Head of Local Areas at the National Literacy Trust, said: “The Doorstep to Digital project is a gateway to the hardest to reach families and will enable us to build parents' confidence to support literacy at home.

“Reading can support children and young people’s wellbeing, ignite imagination and inspire them to dream big and think positively about the future.”