A LOCAL filmmaker is calling on the people of Bradford to help with a documentary which will explore some of society’s most pressing issues.

Georgina Jovanovic is an actor, writer and director from Wibsey, and is asking for refugees and asylum seekers in Bradford – or any organisations who work with those communities – to get in touch.

The 24-year-old wants to give a voice to people who have had to flee their homelands - as opposed to letting their stories be told by people on the outside looking in.

“I’m hoping to reach out to refugees to see if they are happy to be interviewed”, said Georgina.

“Or they could share their stories in a creative way, like through poetry.

“After some of the harrowing things we’ve seen in the news, it needs to be spoken about in more depth.

“It’s important to put yourself in others' shoes – if your roof was ripped off tomorrow, what would you be left with?

“I’m not saying the media is biased, but what about the Syrian refugees who were in a crisis? There’s not been much coverage since.

“The Ukraine crisis is consuming a lot of media attention now, but what happens when another thing happens, and Ukraine gets left behind?

“I’m not saying I can do better than anyone else, but I want to look into these issues from a holistic lens.”

Georgina wanted to begin her project in 2020, but was halted by Covid-19.

“It’s also been difficult to plan on my own, and as someone who hasn’t experienced what others have, it’s hard to do these stories justice. I’m therefore more than open to some assistance”, she added.

Georgina is of Italian and Yugoslavian descent and her grandparents came to the UK during the Second World War.

“They weren’t displaced – they came to help with the war effort, but they still left their motherlands and had to fit in to a new life”, she said.

“They experienced a lot of racism.”

Georgina, who wanted to be an actor since she was “about 12”, is also due to graduate university this summer.

“I’m doing a degree at Yorkshire School of Performance and Music, through the University of Bolton”, she explained.

“I’ve had full-time jobs and they don’t do anything for me, I have to be creating.

“I’m taking my first plays to Edinburgh Fringe this year, and I’m also doing a TV series exploring themes like emotional abuse.”

To contact Georgina, email georginajov@gmail.com.