A BUS service has been attacked for the fourth time in less than three weeks on a Bradford estate.

First West Yorkshire posted on Twitter at 4.19pm on Easter Monday to explain its 645 service had been vandalised yet again on the Ravenscliffe estate.

The bus firm explained the service would no longer visit the area for the rest of the day.

It made it clear that it took that decision because its passengers and staff's safety was its ultimate priority in this scenario.



The 645 was last attacked last Tuesday (April 12), but bus vandalism has been rife on Ravenscliffe for around a month now.

A window on one of the buses was smashed by a group of youths throwing snowballs - which supposedly had stones in - at it on March 31.

A few days later, yobs smashed another window on the 645 bus serving the estate on April 4, with a stone.

On both occasions First West Yorkshire refused to send the service back into Ravenscliffe for the rest of the day, but it was back up-and-running as normal on April 1 and April 5. 

The T&A spoke to residents of Ravenscliffe back on April 1 and heard that the estate is also being blighted by seriously dangerous anti-social behaviour.

One young mum claimed the yobs - who she said are aged between seven and 15 - throw fireworks into a children's play park.