POLICE seized two scarred dogs from a suspect who allegedly called an officer a "f**king s**g".

West Yorkshire Police's Wildlife & Rural Crime Team helped the RSPCA with a wildlife and animal cruelty warrant last Thursday.

The teams were there to look out for the welfare of two dogs, who were scarred according to an officer from the Wildlife Team.

PC CJ Newsome, Wildlife Crime Officer and Ward PC for Kirkburton/Denby Dale was at the location and said a suspect there called them a "f**king s**g".

But this did not hinder the teams' efforts in helping the animals.

The two dogs were removed from the location and are now being treated and cared for.

A spokesperson for the Wildlife Team said: "Top piece of teamwork between two of our Wildlife officers and the RSPCA results in two dogs being seized."

PC Newsine said on April 15: "Suspect calling me a”f**ing s**g” didn’t make any difference to our actions, when assisting WCO, PC Hamilton and RSPCA at a wildlife crime and animal cruelty warrant, yesterday.

"We still removed two scarred dogs, who are now being given the treatment and care deserved."