GUINNESS world record holder 'Rhino Boy' Chris Green has successfully completed his 50th and 51st marathons in a rhino suit - and both in the same weekend.

On April 2, he took part in It's Grim Up North's Roche Abbey Trail Running Festival in South Yorkshire, and the next day he was off to Lancashire for the Manchester Marathon.

And, not one to rest on his laurels, Chris, and the suit, was busy competing just a week later, in the Brighton Marathon.

Chris has been running in his 13kg (2.5 stone) rhino suit 'Spike' since 2009 to raise money for the charity Save the Rhino and following his 50th marathon weekend, has now raised more than £14,000.

In October, last year, at the London Marathon, he became a Guinness World Record holder for being the fastest male to run a marathon dressed as a mammal.

Chris, who lives in Embsay, but has temporarily moved to the south so his partner, Kate, who is battling cancer for the second time, can attend hospital appointments, said the team behind the Roche Abbey event had presented him with a celebration cake.

He said: "The team of Its Grim Up North Running really touched this rhino's heart when they presented me with the most incredible cake I have ever seen.

"Then Roche Abbey marathon itself was as tough as they come as the rhino and I waded through mud and across overgrown fields and up and down the steepest hills, but all in the most stunning surroundings to make my 50th with the rhino one of my all time favourites. The cake alone guaranteed I ran smiling the whole way and I cannot thank Grim enough for making me and the rhino feel so special on the big day."

The next day, in Manchester, Chris, who without the rhino suit has completed more than 100 marathons, was helped along by the enthusiastic crowd.

"My weary legs did not stay weary for long as the atmosphere was electric. You cannot beat the big city events for crowd support and everyone willed me around with shout of 'Save the Rhino' and 'Go on Rhino Boy'. It was wonderful and emotional and most of all fun. On our way round the rhino and I took the time to have sprint races with our Minion mates, sing and dance with a choir and make a ton of new friends."

He added: "It was a magical day and with the fundraising now well over £14,000 it was a great Save the Rhino weekend."

To make a donation and help Chris raise the plight of the critically endangered rhino, go to: