BRADFORD is the least safe night out in the UK, a new study has claimed.

The city ranked 50th out of 50 in Get Licensed findings that looked at factors, such as how much locals worry about being mugged or subject to a hate crime or even how safe they feel walking alone at night.

Out of 100, it scored the highest in worries of being mugged or robbed (70.20) and worries of being a victim of violent hate crime (62.20), and the lowest in safety walking alone at night (21.04).

Since the start of 2022, moves have been underway to improve the situation.

Last Thursday, Alison Lowe OBE, Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime in West Yorkshire, helped launch Bradford at Night.

The initiative, which was created by Bradford Business Improvement District (BID), will see every sector - including pubs, restaurants, nightclubs and hotels, amongst others - working together to make the city’s evening experience a key focus of its post-Covid revival.

Back in February, the BID donated new radios to charity Street Angels to enable volunteers to contact city centre organisations, West Yorkshire Police and CCTV operators when needed.

The data was part of Get Licensed wider research into discovering Britain's best night out.

Bradford ranks 47 out of 50 - the worst in the north - in that comprehensive list where the factors include the number of venues per head, the cost of a pint and the safety of each area.

It had an overall score of 3.10 out of 10, only placing ahead of Coventry (2.12), Slough (2.89) and London (2.97).

According to the study, Bradford has a population of 361,046 and has 15.51 bars and clubs and 165.91 pubs per 100,000 people.

It also has the joint-cheapest average price for a pint of beer, £2.84.

York topped the overall list, scoring 7.67, whilst other West Yorkshire cities Leeds and Huddersfield were 17th (5.62) and 44th (4.16).

To break down the numbers further, Bradford was the eighth-best (5.73) place for drinking in the UK, with Huddersfield 4th (6.28) and Leeds in 19th (4.95).

It is the 'night out safety index' which reveals the most damming data for the city.

Its 1.13 overall night out safety score was slightly bettered by Huddersfield in 46th (2.58) and Leeds in 19th (6.12).