BBC Radio 2 travel presenter Richie Anderson broadcast live from Elland Road Stadium in Leeds, to help launch the news Radio 2 Live 2022 will be coming from Temple Newsam Park on Saturday, September 17 and Sunday, September 18that .

Richie presented his traffic bulletins into today’s The Zoe Ball Breakfast show via one of the fixed ISDN lines at Elland Road's West Stand, while giving away various clues to his location.

At 8.10am today, the location was revealed as Leeds, and Richie invited the first 100 listeners to the stadium for the opportunity to win a pair of VIP tickets to Radio 2 Live in September.

The first 100 listeners to arrive were given a raffle ticket and a place to wait for the outcome of the giveaway inside the ground.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Radio 2 travel presenter Richie Anderson, right, with listeners at Elland Road todayRadio 2 travel presenter Richie Anderson, right, with listeners at Elland Road today

The winner of the VIP tickets to Radio 2 Live was Jonathan Smith from Horsforth, who said: “I’d just got up with my kids and my wife, just out of bed and turned my radio on, ready for Breakfast. I love my music.

“I think it’s going to be really good. Leeds is a massive city and I think it needs some recognition. Love Leeds.

“I’m going to take my wife Stacey. Best week of annual leave.”

Richie said: “I’m absolutely buzzing to be back in Leeds. I went to university in this city and know how passion the people are about music so what better place to have Radio 2 Live 2022.

“Two days of dancing and singing, what’s not to love. Plus the line-up is incredible.

“As a huge footie fan it has been extra special to broadcast this morning from Elland Road where I’ve had the chance to meet some of our fabulous listeners. Bring on Radio 2 Live in Leeds.”

Nicky, a local listener, had a chat with Richie live on BBC Radio 2: “I live so near to Temple Newsom as well, fingers crossed I get the tickets.

“I was driving on my way to work so Boss if you’re listening, I’m sorry I’m going to be late.”

Father Christian and son Blake, spoke to Richie Anderson live on Radio 2: “We were just driving past the end of the street, and Blake said to me ‘come on Dad, turn the van around, let’s get there’ anything not to go to work I suppose.

“So we turned around and here we are. It’s been ages since the BBC has been in Leeds so, awesome. The wife would be well impressed.“