PEOPLE from all faiths and backgrounds are being invited to unite with the Muslim community and fast for one day to raise money for a Bradford charity.

The third 'Fasting Friday’ will be held on April 15, coinciding with Good Friday, to mark an interfaith event.

Muslims fast throughout the holy month of Ramadan and each year people from across Bradford have joined them by keeping one fast- abstaining from food and drink from dawn to dusk.

This year, all those participating in Fasting Friday will have the opportunity to break their fast with others, as a community ‘iftar’ has been organised.

On the day there will be an Islamic arts and culture event taking place at the Bradford Foundation Trust, as well as the annual Open Iftar event in City Park, to share the joys of eating together with food provided by Bradford’s finest, My Lahore.

The event has been set up by Bradford Foundation Trust, with support from the community group Bradford 4 Better and The Bradford 2025 City of Culture team.

The BD25 team said "Bradford 2025 is about inclusion, diversity and connecting cultures. Fasting Friday showcases the uniquely diverse cultural and community themes that make Bradford shine"

Dr Sohail Ahmed, Chair of Bradford 4 Better, said: “Bradford is a city of faith, culture, and diversity. A city of sanctuary, with an amazing community spirit. Without a doubt, The city of great food.

“The annual Fasting Friday event brings together all these amazing qualities and the many people that make Bradford so great.”

The ‘Open Iftar’, will be held at City Park and people can come together and break their fast, with the community.

On the day people will be fasting, they are encouraged to donate their lunch and coffee money for the day to Bradford Foundation Trust, which supports vulnerable families in Bradford.

People from the NHS and West Yorkshire Police force actively partake in Fasting Friday, where in previous years, food packs have been sent to the BRI and police station for them to open their fast.

Sue Crowe, Chief Officer at Bradford Talking Media, said: “ I participate on fasting Friday because there is a real sense of community synergy, knowing other people across our district are fasting too, supporting Muslim colleagues and friends gives the breaking of the fast together and sharing of experiences real emotion and importance.”

Bishop Toby, who will be partaking in this year’s Friday, said: “This year, as the Christian season of Lent overlaps with the Islamic month of Ramadan, it’s good to be able to fast together. Good Friday, when Christians remember Jesus’ death on the cross, is one of our holiest days and I am looking forward to sharing fellowship with Muslim friends at this special time.”

Professor John Wright, Director of Bradford Institute for Health Research, who has participated in Fasting Friday before said: “Ramadan is one of the times where I stand in awe of my Muslim friends and Colleagues, such self-sacrifice, purity and admirable collective spirit as a community. Fasting Friday is my chance to join in, if only for a day."

Shadim Hussain, Board Member of Bradford Foundation Trust, said: “I am delighted that Fasting Friday is in its third year and many of our friends from across our diverse communities are taking part and our business community is supporting.

“It’s a wonderful celebration of community, faith, charity, arts, and food. It’s a culmination of everything that makes Bradford a unique City of Culture.”

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