In its heyday, the Junction pub, opposite Eastbrook Hall on Leeds Road, was considered one of the best-known theatrical pubs in the district - a hotbed of artistic debate for those visiting the Bradford Civic Playhouse.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The Junction, Leeds Road - 1976

The Junc (as it was fondly known) was almost a second home to many famous names in show business, such as Ida Walter, O. T. Ward, Walter Pickles, and of course a conductor or two that may have just finished a concert at Bradford's Eastbrook Hall.

Many years later, the theatrical personalities had deserted the Junction after the Playhouse opened its own bar, heralding a much-needed redesign and modernisation of the Leeds Road pub.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The Junction, Leeds Road - 1986

But as times changed, the pub was demolished in June 1986 to make way for the city's new multi-million-pound ring road. Today, Bradford's Eastbrook Court Jobcentre now stands on the pub's former site.

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