FORMER Bradford College student James Owen Thomas unveiled his distinctive artwork to go on permanent display in the reception area of a national charity's headquarters.

A series of pictures, that form into a cherry tree in blossom, will cheer visitors to Caudwell Children’s Centre in Keele, Staffordshire.

James, who uses items that people throw away to make striking collages, showed his work to Trudi Beswick, the CEO of the charity, which helps to support disabled children and their families.

James, who has autism and was himself helped by the charity, was asked to give a speech to all the visitors.

The artwork going on display raised £20,000 at auction during the charity's Butterfly Ball last November. "I’ve been told that there will be a plaque put up alongside the artwork with not only the names of those who successfully bid for it at the auction during the Butterfly Ball last November, but also how the £20,000 raised will be spent," he says.

The charity suggested that James use some of their old leaflets, tickets, T-shirts and other decorative materials to create artwork to commemorate the 20 year history of their charity.

He said: "What I can do with my artwork is giving me hope that I can help others and I felt very proud when I unveiled my art."