A FEMALE boxer from Bradford is set to star in a new film which will be used as part of a campaign for Samsung's new phone launch.

20-year-old, Safiyyah Syeed, known in the boxing world as Hijabi Boxer will star in the short film by renowned director Will Robson-Scott to launch the new Samsung Galaxy S22.

The film will follow Safiyyah's everyday life, and feature recognisable locations such as her local mosque- in Bradford.

Safiyyah, who is training to become a lawyer whilst also working on her boxing career is one of only a few Muslim boxers to wear a hijab headscarf in the ring.

She said she wants to prove to young girls that they can achieve anything they put their minds to if they push themselves out of their comfort zones.

"I just want people to know that we can do anything. Females in general, no matter what industry you're in, male-dominated or not, just try to be your best, I think that's the message. I think a lot of people stop achieving their goals because they're afraid of what people might think, but that's how you grow, and you learn.

"I'm blessed because the people around me have helped to push me out of my comfort zones and now I'm working with leading brands like MyProtein, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Samsung which I never would have dreamed of."

Safiyyah found her fighting spirit at a young age as during her childhood she suffered from a series of illnesses that kept her bed-bound for two years. After that, an eating disorder saw her drop to five stone in weight.

She said: "I had a long term illness and then I had an eating issue as well and because I had missed out on a lot of things, I made a list of what I wanted to do, and boxing was one of them.

"I made a pact with myself, that if I got recovered, I'd do everything on that list and I literally fell in love with boxing."

The film called ‘Nocturnal Narratives’ - was shot using the new Samsung Galaxy S22 which has a special Nightography function for low light filming and follows Safiyyah as she gets up in darkness - while most of us are asleep - to train for the annual England Boxing National Amateur Championships later this year and the 2024 Paris Olympics.

It will be premiering at a special event on Monday 28th March 2022.