An INTIMATE evening of Poetry, song, and music will be held focusing on healing and resurrection of the self.

The event, which will be hosted by experienced teachers is targeted at friends and families across the district and aims to unite communities, tackling important issues such as drug use and domestic violence, and abuse.

It will take place on March 18, from 7pm at the Bradford Cathedral.

Mussarat Rahman, Artistic director of Intercultured Festival event organiser said: “I wanted to put on a series of intimate evenings of Poetry, spoken word, Music and Song, at various venues across the district including the Bradford cathedral.

“These are still being developed with various community partners.

"We work hand in hand with the community and all our strands are developed with the community in mind. That’s my passion and what my calling and always has been.

“Through this pilot event, we wanted to look at ways we could bring communities together, look at ways of addressing the rise of addiction to drugs, alcohol, domestic violence and abuse through the use of a variety of creative tools and using places of sanctuary.

“We wanted to provide an outlook on an inner and outer journey of healing and belonging in a world that is re-emerging from a Pandemic.”