A huge fire has engulfed the historical Dalton Mills in Keighley. 

The fire started at around 2pm on Thursday, March 3 and smoke can be seen around Keighley.

You can follow our live blog here for updates.

The mill has a rich history and has been used for filming locations for lots of TV shows and movies

What was Dalton Mills used for? 

Dalton Mills was once the largest textile mill in Yorkshire and had more than 2000 workers travelling from all over Keighley and Worth Valley. 

The mill was built by Joseph Craven in 1869, replacing an original mill that dated back to the 1780s. 

Joseph Craven's great-grandson sold the building in 2004 after the decline of the textile industry. 

What TV shows and movies were filmed at Dalton Mills? 

Productions that have used Dalton Mills as its location include the hit BBC series Peaky Blinders.

The feature film Downtown Abbey was partly filmed at the mills before its release in 2019. 

The Great Train Robbery, a drama released in 2013 featuring Jim Broadbent and Martin Compston, was also filmed there. 

Other dramas include Gunpowder, To Walk Invisible and The Limehouse Golem, with Bill Nighy.