SIX more artists with local links feature in a big screen exhibition in Bradford this month and next.

Work by Ian Burdall, Judy Sale and Liza Dracup is being paired with artists from the past whose work is in a similar style.

It is part of the ongoing Not Just Hockney digital exhibition organised by Silsden art enthusiast Colin Neville, which this year is focussed on the Past and Present.

Mr Neville said: “The March and April daily Past and Present presentation on the Big Screen again pairs local visual artists from the past with professional artists of today who work successfully in the same creative arenas as their predecessors. This link and continuity between the past and present in the visual arts locally will be an important feature of the current bid to become the City of Culture in 2025.

“The painter, Richard Eurich, born in Bradford, had two important artistic influences in his life and work. The first was his positive early and formative memories of growing up in the Bradford district, and these recollections of people and places would continually surface in his paintings, particularly in the latter stage of his life.

“The second influence for him was the lure of sea, and Eurich gained national recognition from his maritime paintings both before and during World War Two. Today, the Saltaire-based painter and photographer, Ian Burdall, is, like Eurich, drawn to the sea, particularly the Yorkshire coast, to paint and photograph the ever-changing scenes he finds there."

He added: "Laimonis Mierins, who died in 2011, came to Britain in 1947 as a refugee and found a home in Shipley. Determined to make a success of his life and use his talent for art, he attended part-time art classes whilst working in local mills. He gradually carved a name for himself, both as a successful abstract and impressionist painter and art teacher - and one who is still remembered today for his inspirational approach to teaching.

"Judy Sale, originally from the USA, and now resident in Haworth, is matched with Laimonis in this presentation by virtue of her own determination and similar individual approach to art.

"Finally, the fact that Bradford and district today is a major national and international hub for photography and film is due in no small part to Alex Keighley, from Steeton, who died in 1947. He played an important role in making photography recognised as an art form locally and nationally. His photographs were widely exhibited in Britain and overseas, and locally Cliffe Castle still display his work in their permanent collection.

"Today the Bradford-born photographer, Liza Dracup, carries on this pictorial tradition today with her own widely praised and exhibited photographic artworks."

Full details of the three pairings for March and April are:

Richard Eurich paired with Ian Burdall

Richard Eurich (1903 – 1992) was born in Bradford and was one of the district’s most successful visual artists. He painted a wide range of subjects, but his maritime paintings were particularly popular. During World War Two he was an Official War Artist for the Admiralty and painted over 30 wartime scenes, including the Dunkirk evacuations.

Ian Burdall, marine artist

"I paint marine subjects mainly on the Yorkshire coast. I paint in oils, and tend to concentrate on working and post- industrial settings. I often include lost and broken objects and people – and try to reflect their former worth, dignity and purpose in a changed environment. It’s an honour to be paired with Richard Eurich."

Laimonis Mierins paired with Judy Sale

Laimonis Mierins (1929 -2011) was born in Latvia and came to England in 1947 as a political refugee. He settled in Shipley and worked initially in local textile mills. He attended part-time art classes at Bradford College and became a successful abstract painter and art teacher. His artwork was exhibited widely in Britain and overseas in Germany, USA, Australia and Latvia.

Judy Sale, visual artist

"The dialogue between me and the canvas, with every mark I make, creates new problems to be resolved. If I fail, I don’t hang about. Sometimes it’s best to leave and come back later or move on with a coat of white. This way texture is built up in unimaginable ways and imagery emerges that would not have occurred otherwise."

Alex Keighley paired with Liza Dracup

Alex Keighley (1861 – 1947) was a pioneer in photography as an art form. He became a leading member of the ‘Linked Ring’ group of photographers who strived toward managing atmospheric compositions in their work. He exhibited his photographs widely in Britain and overseas and was an important figure behind the formation of the Yorkshire Photographic Union.

Liza Dracup - photographer:

"My work focuses on the value of the ‘local’ from an environmental and personal perspective, by utilising the transformational qualities of photography. Previously shown at Impressions Gallery and beyond, Sharpe’s Wood photographed at night explored an enriched idea of the northern landscape; and Re: Collections responded to Bradford Museums Natural Sciences Collections. My photographs examine the broader cultural value of the ordinary and the local."

The Not Just Hockney exhibition runs every day at 12.30pm on the big screen in Bradford’s City Park.