VOLUNTEERS from a Bradford community group came together to “make a change” to their area yesterday in anticipation of an event later this week.

Bradford4Better carried out a clean-up at Lister Mills ahead of The Mills Are Alive - a light display which will explore the history and culture of Manningham - which will run from Thursday to Saturday.

The group was joined by the Friends of Lister Park, as well as world champion boxer Tasif Khan, who grew up in the area.

Dr Sohail Ahmed, vice-chair at Bradford4Better, said: “The Mills Are Alive has captured the imagination of local people.

“There is huge excitement about it. It has done wonders in raising the profile of Manningham and giving the community a sense of pride in their area.

“Local groups and mosques mobilised to smarten up the area, in anticipation of what we are expecting to be a big crowd.

“Manningham is hosting the rest of Bradford and beyond for this event. It’s like when you have guests in your house, and you clean up before they come.

“We're hoping this can be a catalyst for more events and clean-ups, and Bradford4Better is looking forward to organising some very soon.”