The Duke a new film starring Jim Broadbent and Helen Mirren follows the true story of a taxi driver that stole the portrait of the Duke of Wellington from the National Gallery in London in hopes to get a free TV license for OAPs.

The film comes out in cinemas today (February 25) and is worth a watch, especially with much of the filming taking place across the streets of Leeds and Bradford

It was supported by Screen Yorkshire's Film Office which allowed many landmarks of Leeds and Bradford to feature in the film. 

From Millennium Square, Hyde Park Picture House, Little Germany, Cannon Mills, and many more, see which local spot made the film. 

Where was The Duke Filmed? 

Hyde Park Picture House: 

The oldest and last remaining gaslit theatre in Europe has a starring role in the film.

With its original seating, staircase, and grand interior, the picture house made the perfect filming location for the 1960's based film. 

Helen Mirren even shared a post at the location on her Instagram, saying: "It is a gem and brilliantly has received a grant to refurbish. It is going to be even more fabulous."

Millennium Square: 

Typically used as the venue for many events including concerts and live screening, the square had a starring role in the film.

The square was transformed into a set from the 1960's with scenes involving both Broadbent and Mirren.

See if you can spot it in the film.

Holbeck Cemetery: 

The cemetery is the base point for crucial scenes in The Duke as the family comes to terms with their situation. 

The cemetery means a lot to many locals and now is a part of film history, see if you can spot it in the film. 

Cartwright Hall

The hall is used as a replacement for the National Art Gallery in London, being an art galley itself it made the perfect filming plot. 

It's used during the movie's most tense scene as Broadbent luckily escapes with the pricy and historic painting. 

Cannon Mills

The Duke used the mills as a marketplace, transforming the area into a scene from the 1960s.

If you're a local to the area see if you can spot the changes they made and the next time you can spot where they filmed.