Kate Garraway has revealed her money concerns when it comes to her husband Derek Draper’s recovery from Covid-19.

Derek, 53, fell ill in March 2020 after contracting coronavirus and has required a long recovery in intensive care, during which he was placed in a coma.

After more than a year in hospital, he was considered well enough to return to his North London home in April.

Despite returning home, Derek requires 24-hour care, something that has been cause for concern for Good Morning Britain presenter, Kate.

Appearing on This Morning alongside Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, Kate described a “big moment” in Derek’s recovery.

Discussing the documentary that was shown this week, Holly said: "That's what what really struck me about it is the amount of care he needs. Like this is around the clock isn't it?"

Kate replied: "Yeah and because of his extreme health needs, he does have 24 hour care so somebody has to be awake at night and somebody has to be awake during the day and I can't be awake 24 hours so it's fantastic to have that."

Kate Garraway reveals 'big moment' in husband's Covid recovery

Kate discussed her husband’s trip to Monterrey for treatment.

She said: "That came at a really low point when I thought, 'oh god, this is not sustainable'.

"The system, I mean I don't believe we can have 24 hour care forever, you know there's a point where money runs out!

"It's a big moment, I was thinking, 'this isn't sustainable' and if there isn't the structure there to help long term, what are we actually going to do? Because we can't give up on him."

Caring for Derek is available on catch-up on the ITV Hub.