BAD Boy Chiller Crew want to become the Beatles and rockstars of the new world and they could be well on their way to doing it, with their brand new album in with a strong chance of getting number one.

Bradford's most famous sons in the modern era are in a hotly-contested battle at the top of the charts, after releasing their second album, "Disrespectful".

Just 1,000 sales separated the Top 5 in the Official Albums Chart on Monday, with BBCC sitting in fourth.

The trio - Kane, Clive and Gareth Kelly - are currently in the midst of mini-tour to launch the new album and were on top form at The Wardrobe, Leeds on Monday night, after starting in Manchester last Friday, before moving to Newcastle on Sunday.

They played Glasgow last night and travel to Liverpool this evening and by the time Friday rolls around BBCC could be celebrating a Number 1 album.

The group have experienced a meteoric rise over the past two years.

Gareth Kelly - better known as GK - spoke to the T&A just before BBCC took to the stage on Tuesday and rather than putting a roof on that progress, he wants to blow off the ceiling.

GK said: "We want to become the 2022, up-to-date Beatles - like rockstars of the world, of the new world.

"It's happened in such a short space of time and we had a dream together and I didn't think it was going to come this fast and far, but it has. 

"Hopefully get a couple of good years out of it - hopefully not too many, because I don't think our bodies would be able to cope with what we do.

"Then live for the rest of our lives chilled with our families and just having it nice."

"Disrespectful" follows on from BBCC's debut album - "Full Wack No Brakes" - which was released in 2020.

There has been a development in style, with the likes of "BMW" and "Wasting Time" having a more dance track feel to them, but the wobbly bassline tunes with Kane's inspired MCing over the top - which BBCC have become synonymous with - are still there.

The Bradford trio's worldwide appeal is proved by the fact BBCC are heading overseas in the summer - to America, Australia and New Zealand - after their "big tour" in Britain throughout April and May.

All this just four months after the boys were delighting crowds across the country in their first-ever tour.

GK admits the upcoming events are "going to be epic".

He said: "It's mad, wow, I don't think we've been rested from the last tour, I don't think we've got over the last tour and bam we're here on tour again."

Wherever you end up seeing BBCC, you're in for a fun, unique ride, with plenty of personality, as GK reveals the group thrive of interaction.

GK said: "We love all our fans, whether it's a small crowd, a big crowd, whatever.

"When we're on stage we just go into a zone, I don't know how to describe it, but once we're on that stage, whether there's one person or a thousand people or ten thousand people, we give it our best shot."