AN IDEA that started out as “a bit of a joke” between a brother and sister came to fruition with the opening of an art gallery.

Abrahams Gallery in Haworth displays the eye-catching work of Danny Abrahams, whose oils are inspired by his hometown of Bradford and the Yorkshire landscape that surrounds it.

“It was a bit of a joke between me and my sister Vicky, that she should buy and open a gallery on the Main Street for me,” says Danny. “Then an opportunity arose and we turned a few casual conversations into a real gallery.”

Vicky, who lives in Haworth, saw the property for sale and suggested they take a look.

“We knew as soon as went in that we wanted to buy it - not only is it a prime location on Main Street, but it was a chance to own and add to a piece of Haworth’s history,” says Danny. “It was built in 1888 as a butchers and operated in that capacity until the 1960s. We are lucky enough to own the original building plans and documents showing its full history since then.”

The building had been operating as a gift shop and musical instruments seller, and had once housed a gallery.

“We bought the gallery in September 2020. Initially we converted the first floor so that we could open in time for Christmas. We tried where we could to take the building back to its original features and enhanced it by ensuring that the furniture, tables and tills were from the late 18th century period,” says Danny, who used to play in, and write songs for, rock band the Hoover Dams.

In the gallery Danny’s work is displayed across two floors, with original paintings and limited edition prints on sale.

“Where I can, I try to paint images either inspired by or set in the local landscape,” says Danny. “Haworth has so many views and images that the subject matter can vary from the Worth Valley Railway, to vast moorland landscapes as well as plenty of character paintings you would expect to see from my collection.”

The gallery is proving very popular. “Because of its location we get a great mix of people. We get the regular collectors popping across to see the paintings, plenty of locals looking for the local landscapes and tourists who may be new to my works. On any given day you really never know who is going to walk through the door.”

Self-taught, Danny was a late comer to the art world, having his first set of paints bought for him as a gift when he was 32, to fill the void that had been left by no longer playing in a band.

“It was a fast learning curve of around two years before I started to realise my full potential,” he says. “Eventually I was able to quit my job and start to make a living from art.”

*Abrahams Gallery, 83 Main Street, Haworth BD22 8DA