POLICE made a total of nine arrests following Sunday’s Premier League match between Leeds United and Manchester United at Elland Road.

Police resources were deployed throughout Leeds city centre and outside the ground before, during and following the match to ensure the safety of fans travelling to and from the game with minimal inconvenience to the general public.

There was no significant disorder but there were a few incidents in the city centre ahead of the game and some minor incidents throughout the game.

Officers were deployed in sufficient numbers to rapidly intervene to identify and arrest the people responsible and prevent any escalation in disorder.

Approximately 70 away fans turned up without tickets. They were promptly issued with a Section 35 dispersal notice and escorted away from the ground.

There were no reported injuries to any players or fans on either side.

Deputy Chief Constable Russ Foster of West Yorkshire Police, said: “Our role in working with Leeds United Football Club and other partners is to ensure the safety of people attending football matches at Elland Road is something we take extremely seriously.

“High profile football matches, such as yesterday’s fixture can clearly attract some of the greatest concentrations of people and there were a few incidents both before and during the game.

“We had a large group of 70 people who turned up in Leeds without tickets and they were swiftly identified and issued section 35 dispersal notices before the game and were not allowed to enter the grounds. We also made a handful of arrests for a number of offences including public order, throwing of missiles and breach of banning order.

“The majority of fans on both sides behaved appropriately throughout the match and there was no significant disorder, but we hope the early intervention and positive action that we took on the day will help send a very clear message that such incidents of disorder will not be tolerated.

“Anyone with any information about any incidents or footage from the day, is asked to contact the police via 101 or online 101 Live Chat | West Yorkshire Police