Bradford has been required by the government to create an air quality plan that will bring down the levels of nitrogen dioxide to legal limits as quickly as possible. 

And one way the local council plans to do this is by introducing a Clean Air Zone in the city. 

A Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is a specific targeted area that aims to improve air quality by introducing a daily charge to enter the zone for vehicles that do not meet environmentally friendly standards. 

Bradford is a Class C+ CAZ which means there will be charges for all non-compliant vehicle types with the exception of passenger cars.

However, the council has said that all money charged will be re-invested to help improve the air quality in the area. 

The new zone will not only help stop climate change but will also benefit the health of people in Bradford.

Health research shows that the largest health benefits will be felt by the most deprived communities in the city. 

Where is the Clean Air Zone in Bradford?

The Bradford zone will cover the area inside the Bradford outer ring road but will also extend to the Aire valley corridor. 

With areas Manningham Lane, Bradford Road and Canal Road, and Shipley and Saltaire all affected.