A TOTAL of 12 reports of police staff abusing their position for a sexual purpose were submitted to West Yorkshire Police over three years.

The figures, released through a Freedom of Information request, cover 2019, 2020 and 2021 and show that 11 of the reports were made by members of the public.

Three officers were dismissed from the force. One ex-officer attended a domestic incident and allegedly “engaged in a sexual relationship with the female victim from that incident”. 

Another officer attended an anti-social disorder incident and allegedly made inappropriate sexual comments towards a female involved, propositioned her for sex and arranged to meet her after his shift that evening.

In another case, a former officer attended the address of a member of public in the course of his duties and “subsequently engaged in an intimate personal relationship with this individual.”

The outcomes for all types of misconduct hearings show eight people were dismissed without notice; six would have been dismissed if they were still serving; three were given a final written warning; one was dismissed without notice but reinstated on appeal and given a final written warning and one person was given a written warning which was overturned on appeal.