BRIDES-TO-BE can say yes to the dress at a new shop in the Bradford district.

Saltaire Bridal will give women the chance to choose off-the-peg dresses for their big day for under £1,000.

The appointment-only service will offer the bride and three members of their entourage the chance to go in the shop for a 90-minute session to help them choose the right dress.

The Victoria Road shop will open for its first appointment on Tuesday, February 1.

The shop, split over two floors, features a dressing room and a space for brides to have their picture taken to put on their social media. The 'indulgence room' is where the dresses are displayed for brides-to-be to choose from.

'White label' dresses from size six to 24 are available and are priced between £400 and £999. Appointments lasting for 30 minutes are also available at the shop for brides to choose any accessories they may want for their wedding day.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Model Charlotte Rumsby outside Saltaire BridalModel Charlotte Rumsby outside Saltaire Bridal

Owner Tracy Butterfield, who has moved to Saltaire from Bedfordshire to open the business, has more than 30 years' experience in the wedding industry and is a founding member of the UK Weddings Taskforce, which has worked with government ministers on helping the industry.

She said: "It's really exciting to be a part of a heritage site.

"It's great to open something really special for someone's special day. I'm very excited and proud to be opening.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

"We want the people that come and see us to be comfortable and relaxed. It's for them and their entourage.

"The dresses are off the peg, which means they can take the wedding dress home.

"I'm tapping into the designers that I know. I will offer a couture experience that you can afford.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

"This is not just a business for me, it's about making people happy.

"My history has been working in many different wedding businesses.

"I want the people that come and see me to feel amazing in a wedding dress and think 'I never thought I would feel like this'.

"I stay in touch with the brides that I have looked after too."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

The shop is littered with many nods to the history and culture of Saltaire and Tracy says she wants to link up with the village's other firms.

She added: "I want to try to connect with as many things in Saltaire as I can and be part of the community. I want to link up with other businesses."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Owner Tracy Butterfield Owner Tracy Butterfield

To book an appointment, email or go to for more information.