MP’s and citizens across the UK are signing a petition launched by Save the Children, calling for the Government to host a global summit to help the people in Afghanistan.

When the Taliban took over Afghanistan, thousands fled for safety, but millions were forced to stay behind in their homeland without any refuge.

In Afghanistan over five million children are on the brink of famine and the UN has asked for its largest appeal of 4.4 billion dollars for Afghanistan.

MP for Batley and Spen, Kim Leadbeater was one of the many who signed the petition urging the UK Government to hold a summit and put action in place to tackle the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

Ms Leadbeater said: “I’m concerned about the situation in Afghanistan.

“We need to make sure we don’t forget about them and what’s happening.

“This is a humanitarian crisis, and we need the government to take action because what’s going on is horrible.

“I’m most concerned about the women there and what’s happening to them.

“There are females who can’t do their jobs because of the Taliban and there are girls who aren’t allowed to go to school, even though the Taliban said they could go back.

“International communities need to come together and take responsibility for the issues in Afghanistan.”

The global summit would highlight the situation to all international communities and ask for their help with the appeal.

“There are a few families in my constituency who are struggling and have families there and I’m speaking with them to see what can be done but there are other constituencies where hundreds of people have families who are starving and need help.

“It’s our duty to help these people and yes we have problems in the UK, the cost-of-living crisis, and we as part of Labour are trying to sort that but we also have to help those abroad.

“If the UK held the global summit, I think other countries would come together and the pandemic showed that we are only as good as our neighbours.”

Without this help and the humanitarian appeal by the Government, Afghanistan could fall into famine, with the death of millions.

Kim added: “We are also still waiting to hear more about the Resettlement Scheme, the world moves on very quickly but it’s important that we remember all those struggling, and we do our duty to help them.”