I STARTED my Slimming World journey at the Steeton group in October 2020, after having seen a picture of myself from my ‘would have been’ hen do. We’re now on wedding date number three, thanks to the pandemic and if it weren’t for having seen the photos at that point when I was by far the biggest I’ve ever been, then I would have potentially been that size on my big day. I’m happy that it wasn’t my wedding day photos that pushed me to join Slimming world.

I’ve never particularly struggled with my weight but when the pandemic struck and it felt like lockdown after lockdown, the thing I turned to out of boredom and frustration was food. I had spiralled to where I was not happy with what I saw in the mirror.

I was hesitant at first to join Slimming World as I knew how disappointed I’d be if it didn’t help me shift the weight. But I never looked back. I feel part of a welcoming, chatty, supportive community that I get to talk to every week about the struggles we’re all facing in our weight loss journeys. Finding out how others deal with it and gaining tips too.

My concerns at first were whether I would cope with potentially feeling hungry. But I’ve never felt more full and managed to lose weight while sticking to three meals a day.

Understanding how the SW way of living works was easy once I got to grips with my weekly shop, ensuring I had the essentials in. I’ve even started cooking (which, my fiancé will say, was NOT a regular thing of the past). There are so many SW recipes, that are easy to follow and I haven’t come across one that wasn’t delicious. My particular favourites are Hunters chicken lasagne, pea and mint soup, SW banana bread and cheeseburger pasta.

In addition to losing weight, SW really drives me to know that I could be receiving some fantastic awards - when I was on a Slimmer of the Week roll I’d never felt more confident! Let alone winning Miss Slinky last year.

I have managed to incorporate plenty of exercise into my lifestyle to,o from originally building it up and working my way through Body Magic awards until it became a natural part of every day life. I now do yoga and we have a dog we added to the family last year so I make sure that three brisk walks a day are done, and I walked the Three Yorkshire Peaks last year to raise money for Martin House Hospice.

I lost over two-and-a-half stone and continue to feel fantastic in my own skin, full of life and energy and although losing weight for my wedding was my original goal I just want to remain as happy and healthy as I am now. I couldn’t have done it without Slimming World.

* Steeton Slimming World meets on Wednesdays at Steeton Methodist Church at 3.30pm, 5.15pm and 6.45pm Call Carla on 07881 953118 or visit slimmingworld.co.uk