A DEVELOPER told Bradford Council that a planned housing development would collapse if they were not allowed to call it Hannahs Hill.

On Thursday Councillors discussed a request to name a new street, part of a development of five homes, Hannahs Hill.

An application to build housing on the site of a former garage off Hill Top Lane, Allerton, were approved in 2019.

At a meeting of Bradford Council's Bradford West Area Committee on Thursday, members were told the latest developer behind the scheme wanted to call the road Hannahs Hill.

Officers had said the name could be problematic, as current rules on road naming prevent streets being named after a living person, and "Hannahs Hill" could fall foul of this rule.

Officers had suggested that the scheme could instead be called Seam Close - named after a stone shaft on the site, which was once used for mining.

A report to the area committee said: "The developer has commented that the five house buyers are going to insist on Hannas Hill.

"The proposed property sales have been put in place with the street name ‘Hannah’ or a variation of, which was agreed with the potential buyers before the current developer took over the site.

"The developer has stated that if the name ‘Hannas Hill’ is not approved then the development will cease."

At the meeting members said they had no issue with the name Hannahs Hill, and approved the request.