REPORTS of an alien attack in the Bradford district were among alleged UFO sightings last year, police data has revealed.

A Freedom of Information request to West Yorkshire Police details some of the unusual calls logged by the force.

In April, one caller reported seeing a ‘thing’ in the sky above Morley, Leeds, which kept appearing and disappearing, while another caller reported she had been attacked by an alien in Baildon. 

In May, there was a report in Bowling and Barkerend of “solid lights that look like stars moving in the sky” and in July, a caller in Wakefield reported white orbs in the sky “moving really weird”.

In August, a caller in Calderdale claimed an alien “put drugs in his eyes” and the following month, also in Calderdale, there was a report of someone seeing an alien. The caller said he had seen something “floating in the sky, talking to him”.

In October, a caller in Pontefract rang police “due to believing seeing an alien outside his window” and back in Calderdale, a report was made by a caller who was talking about aliens and had a vision “the Queen sent him to another galaxy, and people can time travel”. 

And in Leeds, a caller said she had been abducted by aliens.