A MEETING will be held to discuss the decaying state of a well-used children’s park.

Seymour Park, bordered by Upper Seymour Street and Maudsley Street, just off Leeds Road, Bradford, is currently in a ‘poor’ state after the children’s area was set alight early last week.

Firefighters were called to the park at 2:30pm last Tuesday and one hose reel jet was used to extinguish the fire.

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Fire Service said: “At around 2:30 in the afternoon, fire service services were called to an area of Maudsley Street in the BD3 area, and it was said that a park was involved in the fire.”

Residents were ‘disgusted’ and ‘outraged’ with the fire that had been started on the playground equipment, with one parent questioning the safety of the park.

The park, which was regenerated in 2005, according to residents in the area, has ‘fallen into a state’ with bins not being emptied, CCTV being stolen, and play facilities for children looking dated.

Elana Davis, a resident who uses the park and played a heavy part in its initial regeneration, said: “This park is referred to as the forgotten park.

“It’s well used by the community and children, it is very busy, but it’s not looked after.

“I didn’t see the fire in the park, but I saw the video the following day when it was circulated.

“It’s really sad because we have contacted the council to come and sort the park out.

“The children’s play area doesn’t feel safe, and we need new equipment.

“The whole park needs a tidy-up because the bins don’t have bottoms so there is a lot of rubbish.”

Residents in the area are hoping to get ward councillors' attention at an upcoming meeting to discuss the park and raise their concerns.

Councillor for Bowling and Barkerend Hassan Khan, who is the Area Committee officer, said: “We are aware of the situation of the park, and we do have plans in place to sort the park out.

“With the lack of funding over the years, we haven’t been able to put money into it, but we are aware that the bushes are overgrown, and we need to do something about the bins.

“Other parks in the area have had work done and slowly this park will also get better.”

The park consists of a small children’s play area and football pitches that are used by local teams during the football season.

One resident highlighted that the football pitches are well maintained, and the grass is cut on a regular schedule, but the rest of the park doesn’t get the same attention.

In the upcoming meeting, residents along with a local community group are hoping to secure funding for the restoration of the park, with the children’s play area being an issue of concern